10 pieces of Riders swag you didn’t know you needed


For all of those who have been looking for a way to pimp out your kitchen sink or spice up your front lawn with a garden gnome, this is all ya need…Oh and by the way, you have to be a Riders fan, or at least a fan of Riders product.  Here are the Top 10 Strangest (most unique) products that you can purchase at the Riders Store.

By: Brodie Lawson

Let me start by saying I applaud Saskatchewan Roughriders fans for their….fanaticism. They rock! As a fan of this league there is nothing more satisfying than watching a game live or on TV and seeing a sea of colour; and when you’re watching a Riders home game that colour is GREEN.

The Riders store reportedly sells more merchandise than the rest of CFL teams combined which is wild considering the hoards of loyal fans across this great country. With that in mind I wanted to do a little investigating to see what kinds of products the Riders store sells and what I came across inspired a Top 10 dear to my heart.

I give you the Top Ten Strangest (most unique?) Items in the Riders Store:

10) Salt and pepper shaker: You’ve got to have a hearty dose of green at every meal to stay healthy! Am I right Rider fans?


9) Scrubs:
For Roughriders fans, TLC got.it.wrong.
8)‘Chick’ license plate:
Because what says the prairies like a green chick?Riders_green_chick

7) Scary ‘Jason’ hockey mask:
And then there’s this Friday the 13th mask. Am I missing something? This just scares me….

6) Light switch:
IT’S LIGHTS OUT!!! (no seriously…)

5) Maternity top:
Saskatchewan fans like to start them young….like really freakin young
4) Bath Bomb:
They think their team is the bomb! Get it?? Like it’s a bath..bomb?

3) Gainer Flag:
Gainer’s got some serious swag-  please tweet me a picture @BrodieLawson if you’ve got this in your home/ man-cave!

2) Sink Plug: – SOLD OUT!!???
As my friend @_KateMcKenna noted on twitter: “The Riders store really does sell everything but the kitchen sink”.  This one became unavailable in the last few days on the store but that doesn’t move it down on my list.
Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 2.30.39 PM

1) Garden Gnome:
I’ll leave you with this. MIND BLOWN!



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9 thoughts on “10 pieces of Riders swag you didn’t know you needed

  1. That’s an outlet cover – not a light switch cover (but they sell a variety of these too).

    Sink plug is sold out? Geez, recently broke the original in our house and this would actually have been great.

    There’s weirder stuff yet guys. Go to Co-op and see the Rider windshield washer fluid, Rider Kleenex, Rider beef jerky, etc. I laugh…but, if there’s a logo on it, someone will buy it, me included.

  2. I have a Roughriders golf ball and Kicking Horse-coffee tin. I’ve had boxes of Weston Wheaties, Durant Deerios and Flutie Flakes.

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