5 Things you need to know about Dexter McCoil

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The snap goes one on one with dynamic rookie Dexter McCoil who took some time out of his playoff preparation to let us all know just who he is off the field.

The Snap– What’s your favourite part of playing football in Canada?

Dexter McCoil: I would say just being in Edmonton, with the fans here, the community and teammates I have. As far as Canadian Football, we have a great staff, great coach and I have great teammates, I think that’s the best thing as far as the CFL is concerned with me right now.

TS: You grew up in Louisiana, went to school in Oklahoma…what kind of the difference is there between playing under the Friday Night Lights in High School, to say playing the Stamps on Labour Day?

DM: Oh man, actually, I mean high school football is everything in Louisiana. Especially in  Lutcher High School where I’m from. During football season everybody in Louisiana is gonna be catching the Friday Night Football game at their favourite high school, or catching LSU football on Saturday, so that’s always been a big deal everywhere, every time we played Friday Night Football. Playing the Labour Day game, that was pretty intense, especially with the rivalry, and especially with the fans getting into it with it being the Battle of Alberta.

TS: Other than harassing the other team’s offence for four quarters, what are you really good at that would surprise some people?

DM: *laughs* Well, what am I really good at? I’m pretty good at cooking!

TS: Yeah? What’s your specialty?

DM: Just depends on what you like, I can cook anything from pork chops to chicken. The thing I wanna learn next from back home in Louisiana, is how to cook gumbo. That’s my next project.

TS: Are you the go-to teammate then? If you have some teammates that are hungry they’re like “ Hey, we’re doing to Dexter’s to get some food.”

DM: *laughs* Sometimes. I know me and my roommate, we’re both from Louisiana, we cook a lot. I don’t wanna say every day but almost every day, cooking a lot. You know even though we’re not home in Louisiana where the great food is, we’re always trying to bring it back *Laughs*.

TS: Let’s say we’ve never been to Edmonton and you’re in charge of showing me around, where you taking us to show off the city?

DM: Take you downtown, of course take you to the Edmonton mall. There’s so much to do there, you could go to the gun range, water park, amusement park, there’s a lot of stuff to do at the Edmonton mall. Then we’re going downtown, places to go as far as places to eat, I would definitely say downtown and West Ed. mall.

TS: What’s your favourite thing to do at the mall?

DM: I would say just going to get to get something to eat. I’m a big person, I like to eat. Maybe get to one of the restaurant round the West Ed mall, they have some good restaurants around out there like the Cheesecake factory and things like that. I’m not too big on shopping too much, because I’m a cheap person.

TS: What’s the typical Dexter McCoil pre-game routine?

DM: I really don’t believe in rituals like that. I guess the closest thing I have to a ritual is I talk to my mom every day before a game before I step on the field, and I talk to my grandmother the day before. That’s pretty much the only thing that I do every game, but I don’t really believe in rituals. You prepare during the week and practice hard and follow the game plan. That’s how I get ready.

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