5 things you need to know about Nick Moore


What he eats before a game may not surprise you but the amount of Madden that Nick Moore plays may.  The Snap went 1-on-1 with the Blue Bombers star wideout to find out five things you may not know about him off the field.

The Snap: Do you have any game day rituals or superstitions?

Nick Moore: Game day ritual is usually, I kind of like to keep my days the same, I don’t want to change anything up. I’m that type of person on a regular day so I don’t want to change that up. Typically I got a big breakfast in the morning, go back to the room, relax, maybe take a nap, after the nap watch some film, and then head to the stadium. But I have to have a fresh shower, I would say that’s the one thing, I have to have a fresh shower before the game whether it’s morning afternoon or night, doesn’t matter.

TS: How do you fire yourself up for a game?

NM: If it’s a home game I don’t really listen to music that much because I’m coming straight from home, so and then I don’t bring my headphones into the locker room I kind of like to get in there, get organized, and then head out start warming up and everything. But if it’s an away game I definitely have my headphones in. Can definitely have some Drake playing in my headphones, Rich Homie Quan, a lot of rap, up tempo rap. That’s the main thing to get me going.

TS: What’s your favorite TV show or Movie?

NM: Recently I just finished Breaking Bad. Me and my fiancé got really into it. That’s been my favorite thing on TV for the last probably three months.

TS: Do you play Madden at all?

NM: I don’t. I used to play but once I started, with my time in BC I didn’t want to travel with my PlayStation and all that.

TS: What’s your favorite way to spend off time in Winnipeg?

NM: my fiancé and me we try to go eat at as many different places. We try get on Yelp or the Internet and try to find the fine cuisine I guess you could say. She’s really into trying different types of foods, that’s primarily what we do.

TS: What’s a pregame meal like for Nick Moore?

NM: Pregame meal is light. I might have some light sushi, or light pasta, or a 6’’ sub or something, but my appetite on gamedays is really like a roller coaster. Sometimes I could be hungry, other times I could be completely not hungry at all, depending on that day I decide and just go with it.

TS: Favorite place to play on the road?

NM: Definitely Regina, those fans there they get crazy, they support their team to the fullest and you love to see that from an opposing team. Them trash talking us and being loud against us, I mean it makes the game fun.

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