5 ways to stand out at sold-out Tim Hortons Field!


By Brodie Lawson

Sunday’s Eastern Final  at Tim Hortons Field is completely sold out.

There’s been a lot of hype surrounding this matchup and it’s completely warranted. Those in attendance will be privy to the smack talk and the added intensity of a playoff battle with a ticket to a Grey Cup berth on the line.

If you were one of the 24,000 able to get tickets to the game you may be taking some time to prep for Sunday- fan style. Whether you’re looking to make it on the big screen, earn your 15 seconds on TSN, or simply make a statement in your section this is post is for you!

Here are a few ways to stand out in a sold out crowd.

1)    Wicked touchdown dance
Do you have a signature move? If not you’ve got some time to sort it out. Could be in reaction to a touchdown could be an opportunity to get on the big screen. Regardless, stand up and stand out with your moves – in my mind the worse the better.

2)    Memorable kiss cam
It may be cliché but it works. If you are lucky enough (or unlucky enough) to get on the kiss cam take ADVANTAGE! The hilarious ones on YouTube have hundreds of thousands- even a couple million views. I’ll leave it up to you and your partner to brainstorm but let’s keep it (half) classy okay?


3)    Wicked/outrageous/puny sign

I have a ridiculous amount of appreciation for a good sign and I am sincerely hoping for some gems this Sunday. CFL fans have a real knack for getting creative in this department. Whether you’re cheering for the home team or you’re in enemy territory (Ticat fans have been there)  – insert lone Ticat fan sign in sea of green at last year’s Grey Cup   – bring it…you’re guaranteed to stand out.

Alouettes fan

4)    Strip down
So it’s the end of November and it’s not warm. So let’s be honest you’re going to stand out if you’re showing some skin. I’m not talking anything inappropriate people- I’m talking a classic sports fan belly/back paint. If you and your buddies spell something out or go for team colours you’re going to get noticed- at minimum the people sitting around you are going to love watching you try…maybe.

FBO CFL West Semifinal 20141116

5)    Dress up
On the contrary (and the better option if you ask me) dress UP. Team colours, crazy hats, costumes, face paint, gloves, props you know exactly what I mean. The MORE outrageous the better- CFL fans know what they are doing so you’ll need to take it up a notch if you want to stand out.


Note: Coordination is key
As a general rule coordination is key- take any of the points on this list (with the exception of the kiss cam…I think) and coordinate with your friends/family and you WILL make a scene.

One guy dressed up as a bird versus 6 guys in a row dressed as birds- I mean come on right? You will stand out. Please promise you’ll take pictures at tweet then @CFL or tweet them to me @BrodieLawson I’m looking forward to seeing some playoff fandom.

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