50/50 Goes to a Good Home


Remember that 50/50 draw in Calgary? Well…Last week we posted a story about how the home opener in Calgary had a 50/50 draw starting at 100K.  So we all tried to find a way to get to Calgary last weekend….almost kidding.

On Friday the Stamps may have beat the Ticats, but the real winners of the evening may have been the DeMarsh family,  who took home the $193,325!!!

Bryan Passifiume of the Calgary Sun reported that the DeMarsh family had recently been in a car accident, Karen DeMarsh saying, “[M]y sons and I were in a car accident three week ago,” she said, barely able to hold back her tears. “The car was written off, so we’re going to replace the car.” There is more to the story so we encourage you to read the full story here


Major congratulations to the entire DeMarsh family! Enjoy your holiday!

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