6 things you need to know about Jasper Simmons


We all know Jasper Simmons could teach us a thing or two about football, but did you know he would probably school you on the drums as well? The Snap goes 1-on-1 with the ball hawking REDBLACKS linebacker to see who he is off the field.

The Snap: So we all know how talented you are on the football field, is there anything else you are really talented at that would surprise some people?

Jasper Simmons:  Actually yeah, I play the drums a lot, back home at my father’s church I play the drums there.

TS:  Do you have any strange game day rituals or superstitions?

JS: Basically if I’m having a good game, I’m catching interceptions in the game I will wear the same gloves the following week.

TS: In Week 5 after your big interception in Week 4 you had the same gloves?

JS: Yep the same gloves the following week.

TS: What do you enjoy the most about the city of Ottawa?

JS:  I would say all the different places to eat man.

TS: What were your favourite memories from playing in the ‘Zou? (University of Missouri, in the SEC)

JS:  I would say when we played Oklahoma, and they were the number one team. We beat them and having the fans storm the field. It’s pretty crazy, you’re talking about 70,000 people storming the field, it’s pretty crazy.

TS: As we know Ottawa is a great football town, but it is also a great hockey town, do you have any plans to catch a hockey game at all in the future?

JS: I was kind of frustrated we were going out of town the week of the BC game. Because I kind of wanted to see the 67s’ home opener, but we were gone. I would’ve went if we didn’t have a game.

TS: So fair to say that if you had a bit of down time we could see you at a game?

JS:  I would definitely go to one!

TS: You think you’d make a good hockey player?

JS: I would probably be out there without a stick just trying to hit people (laughs)

TS: Take us back to Week 4, final seconds are ticking off the clock, you have Ricky Ray looking downfield, what’s going through your mind?

JS: First thing I was thinking, me playing with Ricky Ray, the little time I was in Toronto, his arm. He has a strong arm when it comes, you need those corner routes or whatever. When you’re talking about throwing the ball 50-60 yards I really didn’t see him doing that. Looking at it, we were only one point ahead, they were either gonna try catch the ball and the next play punt it and get the one point tie the game up. So I figured he was gonna go for a shorter pass, and make yards off it then punt the ball. So I saw a receiver come across my face, and he didn’t throw it, I saw another one coming behind and just broke on the ball.

TS: What was that feeling like when you’re on the turf and that ball is in your hands and you realize it’s over and the fans are going nuts?

JS: I mean it was great for me. It was even greater it was the team I got released from. And also you know, I had the Toronto owner standing right there beside me looking at me as I made the play, it was a great feeling!

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