A Guide to Celebrating CFL Thanksgiving Monday

CFL ARGONAUTS STAMPEDERSWith the Thanksgiving weekend upon us, here’s a guide to Monday’s big CFL double-header and how to enjoy both family, friends, turkey and FOOTBALL.

By Brodie Lawson

One of the greatest days of the year is upon us- it’s Thanksgiving Canadian friends! This is a holiday where the best things on earth come together: family, friends, food and football (x2) to create one heck of a magical Monday.

While I can’t stress how wonderful it is, Thanksgiving is also a lot of work! There’s the planning, shopping, cooking, baking, table setting, cooking, hosting family and friends, more cooking….you get the point. Somewhere a midst the chaos CFL ¬†fans will be itching to find time to watch the back-to-back Thanksgiving Day Classic games – Alouettes are hosting the Roughriders and the Eskimos are hosting the Blue Bombers.

I know it isn’t always easy so here are a few ideas of how to get your football fix this Thanksgiving Day:

1) Convince your family and friends to TAILGATE Thanksgiving dinner! Cook your dinner at home, transport it to the tailgate warm, set up some hot plates/BBQ and bam! Buy your tickets, bundle up and support your team. Best. Day. Ever.

2) Grab a plate, gather your gang in the family room, turn on the game and encourage everyone so sit down and enjoy some football- TV dinner style folks! Folding tables seem like a good idea.

3) Football is on the TV all night long. It provides a happy medium where the hardcore fans can watch the game and keep watching while cooking, eating, visiting etc. This is the method of choice in our home.

4) No TV allowed at your Thanksgiving? Kick it old school and tune into the radio. Smart phone in pocket with your headphones on while cooking or setting up. Pretty sly. OR get the radio going in the kitchen.

5) The smartphone sneak- checking the score on your phone constantly. Under the table being the ultimate move.

6) If TV, radio and your phone are going to be a tough sell (or sneak) get your football fix and throw around the pigskin. Start a family flag football game and enjoy our great game! Extra points if you get your guests to dress up in Monday’s matchup colours.

CFL Toronto Argonauts Hamilto Tiger Cats

However you choose to enjoy football this Thanksgiving make sure you do! Enjoy this great day with a great game with the ones you love. Happy Thanksgiving CFL fans!

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One thought on “A Guide to Celebrating CFL Thanksgiving Monday

  1. So far it looks like the Als will have solid crowd for their game at McGill with a good bulk of tickets sold for Thanksgiving.
    Edm not so much seems to be alot of seats still available in the upper deck and corners.
    Like Labor Day securing some yearly traditional hosts for each of the east and the west should be next on the agenda.
    Montreal seems to have found a very solid Sunday 1:00 starts for its post Labor day games so Monday 1:00 Thanksgiving seems to fit in well.
    Not sure about who in the west would make a great annual event out of the holiday football game.

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