All-Canadian lineup headlines CFL and eLUXE #MyGreyCup collection


By Sarah Kelsey

Every athlete can attest to the fact that what they wear on game day matters. They can’t show up wearing “any old thing.”

The same can be said for those of us who take part in a sporting match from the sidelines. You never want to watch or attend a match in an ensemble that’s incomplete (a.k.a. lacking in team spirit).

Which is why we at the CFL, in celebration of our 102nd season, are taking sartorial matters into our own hands. We’ve teamed up with eLUXE, the online shopping destination, to create an all-Canadian lineup of made-for-game-day wardrobe wares known as #MyGreyCup.

The roster of looks has been quarterbacked by some of Canada’s top influencers, including Aliya-Jasmine Sovani – owner and Editor in Chief of He Suits, He Scores – and Kate McKenna – a host over at TSN.

Singer Nikki Yanofsky and bloggers Stephanie Koch and Kira Paran, have also been tapped to create items. There are sleek sweatshirts, sporty tees and even a stylish scarf – everything one would need to look good on game day.

Now you may notice the looks in the line have been crafted with a football-loving lady in a mind. That’s because we thought it was high time that ladies had some attire options for CFL Sunday that didn’t involve the words over-sized or tight tee. (Guys, we’ll catch you on the flip side.)

Get in on some of the ordering action over at eluxe.ca now.

Be sure to keep an eye on The Snap for more info about the line’s designers and wares!

Sarah Kelsey is a freelance lifestyle writer, editor and spokesperson based in Toronto. Her work has been featured in some of North America’s top publications — including ELLE, The Toronto Star, AOL/The Huffington Post Canada’s StyleList, Style and Living sites, BlogTO and TC Media.

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