Are You Part Of A CFL Family Divided?


Sometimes is blood always thicker than water when it comes to CFL team allegiances?

With the CFL season in full swing families across Canada are busting out their jersey’s and watching some football action with their loved ones.  But what happens when these families don’t cheer for the same teams?


  Is there a prize to the winning side?  

What about when it’s time for that family portrait?

  Or time to decorate the backyard with some CFL swag?  

Is your family divided by #CFL allegiances? Let us know!

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4 thoughts on “Are You Part Of A CFL Family Divided?

  1. I am a die hard Eskimo Fan My oldest & youngest son are Calgary fans :/ my middle son is an Argos fan and my husband is a Montreal fan!

  2. My family of six love the CFL, but it’s a mad house most weeks as I have always been a diehard Eskimos fan, my wife loves the Ti-Cats, two of daughters are devoted fans of the Roughriders, my son and other daughter like the Eskimos….but at least we all agree on not liking the Stamps….

  3. I’ve been a Stampeders fan who has lived in Saskatchewan for many years. I knew there was a possibility I might fall for a Rider fan and I did! We were committed to supporting each other when our team wasn’t playing. So we put it in our vows! It’s had its ups and downs, and now we tread lightly with who the kids are going to cheer for!

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