How Argos Huddle Up Turned Jamal Campbell Into A Football Player


In grade 11 the Argos came to his school and the rest is history…

In an article for the Postmedia Network by Frank Zicarelli, he looks at how York University OL Jamal Campbell  received a visit from the Argos when he was in high school at C.W. Jefferys in Toronto and how it changed his life.

From the story…

“I was in Grade 11,” said Campbell, a gentle giant. “Up until that point, I played basketball my whole life.”

The Argos want to bring football to areas not exposed to the sport, especially to inner city kids.

At Jefferys, Campbell remembers a pep rally that would get organized.

“They (Argos) said they wanted to bring football to inner city schools and they wanted to start at C.W. Jefferys in Jane and Finch and that’s what they did,” said Campbell. “It was the greatest opportunity. And without it, I wouldn’t be here and it feels even better to be drafted by the Toronto Argonauts.”

The story goes on to talk about how the sky is the limit for Campbell as one of the most athletic O-Linemen to come out of the 2016 CFL Draft.

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