#CFLBeauty Of The Week For Week 2: REDBLACKS Mascot Big Joe!



The beauty of the week returns for week 2 and this week it goes to a large, yet quiet individual.

Yes, we know we recognized Ottawa fans last week but the REDBLACKS have struck again and are due their beauty status for a second week running.

This weekend the REDBLACKS had their home opener and following the game, Big Joe, the REDBLACKS mascot had a gift for the “LumberJoes” some of the craziest REDBLACKS fanatics.

Yes, that’s right.  Big Joe presented the LumberJoes with their own emblazoned Lumberjoes axe!  The guys were BLOWN away and is just a great example of how in the CFL super fans don’t go unnoticed by the teams!





  The LumberJoes even knew how much of a beauty Big Joe was…. Now while we’d already decided to do this before they tweeted…. GET OUT OF OUR HEADS!  

Got a nominee for Beauty of the Week after week 3? Let us know!

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