Behind The Scenes With TSN | Vlog


It’s a behind the scenes look of the BEST game night squad around.Last week I had the opportunity to hang out with the CFL on TSN Panel at BMO Field. Was I nervous? Yes. Was I intimidated? Was I wrong to feel either of those things? Heck YES! Here’s the real BTS tip that I didn’t include in my vlog- every single one of the panelists is exactly how they are on TV. Smith is warm and welcoming, Stegall is goofy and outgoing, Dunigan is the life of the party and Jock is inquisitive and fun. These guys all have BIG personalities!

Another thing that was hard to capture on camera is the banter back and forth throughout the game. They are arguing, bickering, asking questions and they totally approach the commentary with a player/coaches mind. I stuck around that evening a little longer than I should have because I had such a fantastic time. I cannot thank the whole TSN squad enough for letting me hang out behind the scenes. I  gained a whole new respect for what they do each and every game night and enjoy watching them even more knowing that what ya see is what ya get! SO enjoying vlogging for you guys, please comment below and let me know what you want me to vlog next!

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