Behind the Numbers w/CFL on TSN Panelist; Glen Suitor


There’s always a reason behind a player choosing a jersey number. Find out some eerie instances that happened after Suitor chose number twenty-seven.

Marika Washchyshyn spoke to the CFL on TSN panelists about the numbers they wore throughout their football careers and the story behind their choice. Here’s part of her conversation with Glen Suitor.

Did you choose your first number?

Glen Suitor (GS): It was assigned, in fact, all the way up to high school. I was playing QB in high school and not even the QB was not allowed to pick their number. I wore 10 early on, and the first time I got to choose was my first year in Saskatchewan. In high school, I didn’t have anything special about the number because it was assigned. I wore 25 at SFU, which was also sort of just handed to me. I was a shy kid so I wasn’t about to put my hand up and say ‘Wait a second I’d like a different number.’ I just wanted to make the team.

Glen Suitor
Suitor (far right) celerating the 1989 Grey Cup victory in Toronto.

Is there a story behind picking No. 27 during your CFL career?

GS: I always had a double digit number. I’m a firm believer in if you feel right, you’re going to play better. So I went back to the equipment staff and in blind faith picked 27, which quickly turned into this number that was sort of meant to be. I got the start in my very first game in my very first year, and I felt it was that Karma. It was amazing how many things started to fall in place after that. My girlfriend at the time, who is now my wife and mother of my 2 kids, she was born July 27. Our first apartment, the only one they had available, was 27. My phone number during my rookie year in Regina had 2727 in it. It felt like the number chose me. And now, people call me that all the time – ‘Hey, 2-7.’ I sign my emails with 27, I still sign autographs with a 27 on it, and I have a chain with 27 on it given to me by my wife that I never take off. My kids and I have leather wristbands with our family saying, ‘Why Not You’ with the number 27.

Which players did you look up to when you were younger?

GS: In high school and college, there were a couple of players I really admired. One was Nelson Martin who was the safety for the B.C. Lions at the time, and one was Ronnie Lott, who was a safety for a few teams but for the 49ers when I started watching them. I played safety and quarterback in high school. When I got to college I was playing defensive back. Those were the two I watched. Nelson wore number 4, and Lott was 42.

Martin Nelson is now a DB coach with the Blue Bombers (PHOTO:

What’s your favourite all-time CFL number?

GS: Ronnie Lott and Nelson Martin, but that was sort of later in life. It wasn’t really their numbers that were attractive. I didn’t have a thing about numbers until I actually chose one. It would have to be just that, now, my kids have talked about including 27 in their endeavours. So, I guess because of those things, they’re in on it and want to be part of it, so that’s the only number I’ve really had this feeling with.

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