Big Men, Softer Hands: A History of Big Men Touchdowns In The CFL


This week saw TWO big boys hit the endzone, so we look back at the history of big men touchdowns…

First, on Friday night Wayne Smith hit the endzone for the Toronto Argonauts on a two-point conversion following a pick-6 by the defence.

_ATG1187 copy


Then the VERY NEXT DAY, not to be out done, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats ran a nifty play to OL Ryan Bomben for a touchdown.  Bonus points to Bomben for the over the shoulder grab and the soft hands.



Last year saw some big plays from big men, who can forget Alexander Krausnick trucking over a safety in the open field. Not a TD but we would NOT have stepped in front of THAT freight train!




The BC Lions also got a score from an unlikely player last season…




Roughriders OL Dan Clark has also been known to catch his share of touchdowns, doing it not once, but TWICE in his career. The big man gets seriously air born.



Of course, no Big Man TD has ever been on a bigger stage than when Marc Parenteau scored a touchdown in the GREY CUP!


Certainly the best celly of all time also. Just awesome.

Did we miss any?  Tweet us and let us know!

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