Bombers Ask CFL Fans To Turn Their Green Into Gold



When we first saw this we couldn’t believe our eyes.  Yup, the official Bombers Store is asking CFL fans to turn their Rider green into Bombers gold as they go the anti-St.Patty’s day route.

All you have to do is take your green Riders gear (if you own any) and take it down to the Bombers store and they’ll give you 30% off ANY Bombers gear, INCLUDING jersey’s!  Got an old Riders tee someone gave you and you never wore?  Turn that into 30% off an offical Drew Willy jersey!


They’re even running a contest of a free Jason Vega jersey to the person that brings in the MOST green gear for trade.

Man, we love CFL rivalries.

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5 thoughts on “Bombers Ask CFL Fans To Turn Their Green Into Gold

  1. There isn’t a chance at all that I would trade in my RR clothes, or ornaments for GOLD! I don’t care what kind of prize is being offered! the Rough Riders are my Team, and I will NOT forsake them!

  2. it’s pretty sad to think that Bomber fans would have Rider Gear, but it is the most highly sought after. Go Green!

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