Canadian Moments Across The CFL


Happy Canada Day! What Canadiana things have CFL players been up to?

By: Joscelyn Longo

As Canadians across our gorgeous “true North strong and free” celebrate Canada Day today, we wanted to take a moment to appreciate when CFL players represented in a patriotic way. With many of our players being proud American imports, we have to give them credit for appreciating some of the finer, more Canuck things in life: Hockey, Bacon, and Tim Hortons Coffee.

So are we, Tyler!    

We dare you to find Gabe Knapton of the Alouettes doing something more Canadian than ice fishing!


#CFLSnow is a thing that has happened… a lot. Because Canada.        

#Toronto from there cn tower A photo posted by Hervé Tonye Tonye (@hervetonye) on

Herve Tonye of the Argonauts toured the CN Tower, which is one of the most popular Canadian tourist attractions.

Argo’s player Shane Herbert tested out the theory that “the good old hockey game is the best game you can name”… but we’re really happy that he stuck with Football! Hey Shane, bonus points for the “eh”

Can Connor Williams of the Ottawa Redblacks be our spirit animal? He seems to be repping the Great White North with this wolf shirt, and we definitely approve.

Since Ottawa is our nation’s capital, we felt that this tweet from Alex Mateas was pretty patriotic.  

Tis the season for pond hockey! #theranch A photo posted by Andrew Buckley (@andrewbuckley08) on

Calgary’s Andrew Buckley enjoys some good old Canadian Shinny, and we can practically feel the maple syrup in our veins!

Kierrie Johnson of the Argos not only acknowledged Veteran’s Day, but Remembrance Day as well. Touching, and patriotic.

Being a giant lumberjack from Canadian folklore, who just happens to love Tim Hortons… SO MUCH CANADIAN JUST HAPPENED.

That time when Michael Atkinson of the Ticats had a ‘Trailer Park Boys’ marathon…  

Grade A Canadian Beef. Hey Chris… so the Canada Day BBQ is at your place, right?

The only thing more Canadian than loving Tim Hortons? Being a part of the team that calls Tim Hortons Field “HOME”

Maybe next Canada Day we’ll kick it up a notch, and host a CFL Poutine Party…

If you’re enjoying your day today, have fun, and be safe! Drink responsibly, and plan ahead for a designated driver.

To find your nearest available cab, press #TAXI (#8294) on your mobile phone.

Cheers, and see you on Thursday, July 2nd for WEEK 2!

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