Cauz: What I learned from @jonnycornish

Jon Cornish

So here is what I leaned about Cornish that has nothing to do with his ability to make defensive players question why they decided to play football for a living.

1) The dude is charitable
To start the 2013 season Cornish tweeted:

2) The dude has a sense of humour.

Here he is raising awareness for another charity he is a part of:

Nice little joke parodying that creepy dude from those Dos Equis ads. I liked this tweet. He got the message out without coming across as high and mighty and did it in a funny way.

I also loved this tweet from October 6th: 

3) The dude is political:

Let me give you an example of some of his tweets from the past 18 months:




4) The dude proved you can speak out during periods of labour unrest in an intelligent and measured way.

5) The dude is a nerd.

6) The dude is a nice guy

I remembered after the Roughriders beat the Stampeders in the playoffs last year, some people questioned his competitive fire. Not sure how you can question someone’s desire to win when they perform at such a high level, but hey dumb people will make dumb assertions, that’s what makes them dumb. I attribute this tweet to Cornish’s level of professional respect he has for his fellow football players.

This may be a political tweet as it would be career suicide for a running back to not constantly thank his offensive lineman, but his sentiment feels genuine.

Now here is a perfect example of how good a person Cornish is. I found a fan of the Saskatchewan Roughriders praising him!

7) The dude understand his place in Canadian sports history. 

That was his tweet after winning the Lou Marsh award. I always like when an athlete has a good sense of the past. Nothing worse than when hearing a CFL running back has no idea who Mike Pringle or George Reed is.

8) The dude has both a great and a lousy taste in movies.

First the lousy taste: 

I don’t care that he joked about Transformers at the end of the tweet. I’d rather have a colonoscopy from a drunken Edward Scissorhands than watch Transformers 3D.

But on the flip side Cornish totally redeemed himself with this one:

As someone who remembers seeing ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ in the movie theatre in Bracebridge, ON, I am a sucker for any athlete quoting this perfect film. You could apply this quote to linebackers facing the Stampeders. “Cornish moves pretty fast. If you don’t square up your shoulders and hit him low, you could miss him as he strolls into the end zone.”

The man has his own cereal (Cornish Flakes, yes the name is unoriginal but part of the proceeds goes to the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation and I’m guessing it’s healthier than Count Chocula), he is the leagues leading rusher in just eight games and is the best player on the best team in the CFL.

Now we just need to get this man some more follows.

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