Celebrating the best Beards in the CFL on #WorldBeardDay



Today, September 5th, is SO IMPORTANT, and not just because it’s a part of #LDWeekend with both divisions up for grabs; while rivals meet on the field in efforts to claim victory, we need to shine a very important spotlight on the facial-victory that is… #WorldBeardDay

By Joscelyn Longo

After poring over roster photos, game-day coverage, and social media profile pictures, it’s safe to say that Hugh O’Neill is still absolutely dominating the CFL beard game! Who else has an entire twitter account dedicated to their whiskers, and was named the ‘Baddest Beard in the CFL’?!

From humble beginnings…


…to today’s epic face flow.


In honor and celebration of O’Neill’s majestic beard, we’ve gathered some of its more magical, personal moments.

Here, we spotted the wild beard enjoying an adult beverage.

Doing some dive studying in Kho Tao

A photo posted by @huuugh18 on


SASQUATCH?! No, it’s just a wild beard at play in the snow.  

Chilly morning for some stairs in beautifully #yeg #StayFrosty

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Forget #ManBunMonday, we’re still all about #WorldBeardDay

Who knew it was long enough? My best @snackwells15 impression, still got some work to do

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Comfortable in the company of another furry-faced companion, here we see the beard spending time with Man’s Best Friend.  

Lake time with the newly weds @jheth18 @snbartel and zoey

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We wonder who the better driver is — the beard, or Hugh?

Arriving to the Pig Roast in style. #coors #banquetbeer #beard

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Are beards allowed to carry concealed weapons?  


The Beard, being bromantic.  

Fun times checking out communism first hand. In theory it works

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Enjoying some fresh powpow with the beard.

Sunshine indeeeed #sunshine #beard

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When the beard experienced its first trim — a memorable moment in every parent’s life.  

At the ripe age of 17 months, its first trim. #beard #Aerodynamic

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Can’t get enough of all of the bearded goodness? That’s cool, we feel you… which is why we’ve decided to share our runner-up, Jon Gott of the Ottawa Redblacks.



Who do you think has the best beard in the CFL? Let us know by tweeting @CFL, or tagging @CFL_official on Instagram, along with #WorldBeardDay!

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One thought on “Celebrating the best Beards in the CFL on #WorldBeardDay

  1. When he played for the Lions my friends and I referred to him as Beardy McBearderson and the name stuck. Seems like we were bang on with appropriateness. Never change Hugh, or should I say Beardy?

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