CFL Athletes Are Back To Doing Crazy Gym Things So You Can Feel Lazy Reading This Part 2

TheSnap_Fitnes2   A few week back we brought your our first CFL Fitness Update and it was a hit.  So we’re back with another recap of all the crazy fitness things CFL athletes are up to.  Now you don’t have to go to the gym, you can just read this!

This time our journey takes us across the country from BC all the way to Toronto.  While the name of the game last time was brute strength… this time it’s all about agility!

Kicking it off is Lions LB Adam Bighill with some intense quick feet training…

230 lb moving. Slow feet don’t eat.

A video posted by Adam Bighill (@bighilla44) on


We follow that up with more BC Lions training craziness with a super cool slow-mo shot of WR Emmanuel Arceneaux performing a Plyo Push Up aka crazy jumping clapping push up that makes our arms tired.  

Just Found My New Hobby….Plyo Push Ups….. A video posted by Emmanuel Arceneaux #84 (@coach_arceneaux) on

Our journey then takes us to Regina where Tyron Brackenridge appears to be trying to break the human land speed record…

Gettin there!!! 24mph #RhareBreedAthleticAcadmey #RhareBreed #RiderNation #41 #IsItJuneYet #CFL

A video posted by Tyron Brackenridge (@tbrack) on


Our final stop is in Toronto, where SB Chad Owens is well.. just watch.  

Oh you gotta love it!!! #JustWork A video posted by Chad Owens (@chadowens2) on

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