CFL meets The Amazing Race Canada


The third season of The Amazing Race Canada debuts on July 8 features three Grey Cup rings, but they all belong to CFL Hall of Famer Neil Lumsden.

Neil will be racing with his daughter Kristin as they face off against 11 other teams in a race across Canada for a $250,000 grand prize.

Let’s get to know the team better! Here’s our friends from The Social interviewing Neil and Kristin:

Here’s some more info on them from the Amazing Race Canada Twitter account!

Over his 10 year career, Neil was a running back for the Argos, Ticats and the Esks, winning the Grey Cup three times with Edmonton in the early 80s. He was inducted to the Hall of Fame in 2014 and is now a football coach.

Neil Lumsden (left) with the rest of the 2014 Hall of Fame Class.

Neil and Kristin both have fears of creatures like snakes and centipedes, so hopefully for them they don’t come across any of them during the race!

Out of Burlington, Ontario, Neil says that if he had to pick a vegetable to represent his personality it would be a tomato because he thinks they are smart, wise, and that they go with everything. He also says that Tom Selleck would play him in a movie.

Neil isn’t the only footballer in the family. If his last name seemed familiar it’s because his son Jesse, also a running back, spent six seasons in the CFL.

Follow them on Twitter at @Race_Dad and @sincerley_kris!

If you could pick any player, past or present, from the CFL to be your partner on The Amazing Race Canada who would it be? Tweet us at @CFL and let us know!

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