CFL Photographer Johany Jutras Sets Off On First Ever Documented CFL Roadtrip


Cataloging her amazing journey across Canada, The Snap is excited to announced “Through Her Lens” a photography project by Johany Jutras documented here on The Snap all season long. And is starting THIS WEEK in Montreak!

9 CFL cities, 70 days, 9,000kms.

Photographer Johany Jutras is going to embark on a roadtrip across the beautiful Canadian countryside, completing the first ever documented CFL roadtrip. Along that amazing journey, she will capture – through her lens – each CFL city’s unique culture and history, finally telling you the story of our Canadian Football passion all documented here on the Snap!

The roadtrip is going to be a 70-75 day long journey travelling through Canada. Photographer Johany Jutras will hit the road alone on July 20th, and she will make a stop at each of the 9 CFL cities: Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Winnipeg, Regina, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver. During this journey she will spend about 6-8 days in each city, and immerse herself with the fans of the local CFL team, letting her capture the essence of the culture and the love of the fans for their team. Fans and supporters will be able to follow her through her many social media accounts @JohanyJutras (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat) as well here on The Snap!

For more information and to help Johany on her journey, visit her website HERE.

Johany is an amazing photographer and we’re so excited to work with her and help document her journey.  She’s already started shooting some CFL games this season, here is a sample of some of her amazing work.


DSC_0265 DSC_0360-3 DSC_4681 DSC_5207 DSC_5623




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