CFL PickEm Recap: JGreenHorn Continues To Roll



Another week, another 4/4 for JGreenHorn

Simply put, the man cannot be stopped….



JGreenHorn registered another prefect 4/4 week, even calling the REDBLACKS upset of the Stamps.  While only 25% confidence on that one, we salute you again JGreenHorn.  Very impressive.


With only 14% of players selecting Ottawa, this was clear and away the top upset of the week.  We’d bet plenty of you out there lost points on this one…



The Argos continue to impress PickEm players.  Already involved in a 50-50 split earlier this season with the Riders, this time they were the slight underdog at 46% and again, came out victorious.  At some point people are going to have to respect the Double Blue.  Coming from down 21-0 made this even more impressive.  Shame on you BC, #CFLPickEm players will remember this one!



It was a week of close calls as the Eks as 58% favourites pulled out the W.  While the injury to Drew Willy made this easier on the Edmonton defence, the impressive play of Shakir Bell and QB James Franklin makes them an intriguing pick going forward.



Finally, the almost ALWAYS favourite Riders once again left their fans with no points, falling to 0-5 on the season.  With each passing week their trend percentage has dropped, will it finally fall below 50% this week?  They do HAVE to win eventually, will it be in week 6?



Don’t forget to lock in those picks, you can now choose 2 weeks in advance in case you forget so get in and get those picks in!


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