CFL PickEm Leaderboard Update: Underdogs Reign Supreme In Week 1



Week 1 of the season is in the book and it was definitely a rough one for  CFL PickEm users with only TWO people a perfect 4/4 with 100% confidence.  We go through all the stats, leaders and groups in this weeks CFL PickEm Update.

This is what perfection looks like….


And for users Bryan Bonin and Michael B Mal, that is what their picks look like after going 4/4 with 100% confidence on their picks.  VERY impressive gentlemen given all the crazy games and underdog upsets.  Well done.  For the full leaderboard CLICK HERE.


It was a tough weekend for most users with only 34% of picks made on straight up wins and losses coming out correct.  Overall 9,979 correct picks were made in total with 19,749 incorrect picks registered!  WOAH we need to step it up! Don’t forget to make your picks for week 2.

The biggest upset came from The REDBLACKS and Argos who were picked less tha n20% of the time but pulled out big victories in week 1!crop_21469430112 crop_21472154615


The Bombers win was almost as devastating with only 21% of people getting that selection correct.



The only “gimme” of week 1 was the Calgary win as 80% of users had the defending Grey Cup champions.  That said, it took a game-winning FG from Rene Paredes to seal the game.


HUNDREDS of teams are in the negative so if you haven’t signed up yet, do that now and you’ll actually be AHEAD of a large majority of teams since week 1 was so crazy!





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2 thoughts on “CFL PickEm Leaderboard Update: Underdogs Reign Supreme In Week 1

  1. Can you please put the total number of tippers on your results page so that we can have an idea as to how good or bad we are doing. Thank you

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