CFL - Top Points wk 12

CFL PickEm Recap and DraftKings Recap


Let’s talk some fantasy…

Here is your updated #CFLPickEm Week 13 Leaderboard:

Week 13 Leaderboard

Now let’s get to the action.

First up we had the #Lions hosting the #Als. Coming in as 95% favourites, the Leos did not disappoint. Led by their fast paced high octane offence, the #Lions were able to knock off the #Als.IMG_3213

Next up we had a DOUBLEHEADER on Saturday.

Game 1 featured the #Bombers hosting the #Riders in the annual Banjo Bowl. The #Riders in the past have always found away to show up big in these games even if they have a poor record coming in. This was true for this game, however the #Bombers had a little extra in the tank and came out of this with a shiny Banjo trophy. PickEm WPG SSK

The 2nd game of our DOUBLEHEADER was the Battle of Alberta between the #Esks and #Stamps.  This game looked like the #Esks were finally going to be the team to knock of the #Stamps. However, this was not to be as the #Stamps came away with an OT Thrilling victory.

Pick Trends CGY EDM

Last up, we had the Battle of Ontario between the #Ticats and #Agos. The #Boatmen were 19% underdogs, however this must’ve fueled the injury plagued squad. The #Argos led by Dan LeFevour were able to pull off the upset and prevent the #Ticats sweep of themArgos Ticats Pick Trend

Now, let’s talk Draft Kings. With Week 13 starting this Friday, don’t forget to set your lineups, CLICK HERE. For some inspiration, here are the top performers from last week in the #CFLCFL - Top Points wk 12

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