If CFL Players Were Olympians


The Rio Olympics are officially underway!  We know that some CFL players have been in the Olympics before… (See Sam Giguere in the Bobsleigh) but we got to thinking… if some CFL players decided to shift gears and become Olympians, what would their sport be.

Here are our best guesses…

100 Metre Dash – Brandon Banks

This one seems like a lay-up.  Is there any other choice for the 100m dash then the fastest player in the CFL as voted by his peers?


Soccer – Marco-O Brouilette

The Canadian Women’s National team are awesome and last year they challenged some CFL dudes to a crossbar challenge. The Als’ Marc-O answered the call and we think he’d be a great help to anyone looking for a player on defence.

Cycling BMX – Jake Reinhart

He’s a total beaut and showed off his sweet wheels on Instagram. We think Jake would crush the BMX competition.

Takin the for a . He thinks it’s a 2 seater . #ridindirty #wardrobemalfunction #nipslip #summertime

A photo posted by Jake Reinhart (@jakereinhart58) on

Hurdles – Nik Lewis

He’s the hurdle master on the football field.  We all know this… this is just a natural fit. 


Weightlifting – Byron Archambault & Philippe Gagnon

This was a no brainer, our entrants into weightlifting have to be the past two beasts of the #CFLCombine who won the Bench Press.

Gymnastics – Edmonton Eskimos D-Line

We’ve all seen the somersaults from these guys… we think they could take those skills to the mat and crush it at the Olympics in team rhythmic gymnastics.

Judo – Chad Owens

As was well documented a few years back, CO2 took his offseason training to the next level training to fight MMA… he even fought in a friendly in Hawaii! We think he could probably train up for some Judo action!

Trampoline – Adarius Bowman

We’re pretty sure he’s already pretty good at getting up on the field, so we assume these skills are transferable… right?


Handball – Mike Reilly… (or just all the QBs)

We’d have to think you’d just get all the gunslingers for this one… they’d just score from anywhere. We’d take scrambler Mike Reilly as the captain of this team. Could Flutie also be involved in some way?


Rugby 7s – CFL Kick Returners

Same as above, can we just get all the CFL Kick Returners to play on a Rugby 7s team? We know Chris Rainey & Brandon Banks would have some fun.

Archery – Chris Van Zeyl

A noted outdoorsman, Van Zeyl seems like a perfect fit to take his bow skills to the national stage.


Canoe Sprint – The Lumberjoes

We know they might not be CFL players, but clearly they’ve got some experience in a canoe… protecting the CFL ultimate prize!


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