CFL Reacts To Darian Durant Season Ending Injury



In just his first game back since suffering an elbow injury that ended his season in 2014, Darian Durant suffered a ruptured Achilles and will again, miss the rest of the season.

CFL players, media and fans all came out in support of DD.

A great guy and loved player,  CFL players, media and fans tweeted their support for Darian Durant after it was discovered he would miss the rest of 2015.








From us here at the Snap, all the best in recovery Darian!  Can’t wait to see you back on the field in 2016!



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17 thoughts on “CFL Reacts To Darian Durant Season Ending Injury

  1. No offense to Durant, but has ANYONE noticed that Kevin Glenn seems to end up with the starting job wherever he has been the backup?

    BC, Calgary, Winnipeg and NOW Saskatchewan, all have had injured QB’s ONLY to have Glenn come in for the rest of the season.

    Is this an omen wherever he plays?

  2. I’m broken hearted. Sorry about Darian. I was watching the beginning of the game and figured this would be his last season. I just wished it had been after we won the Grey Cup.

  3. I am saddened to hear this! A great QB and ambassador for his team and the CFL has been lost again! DD get well soon, want you back playing! Thoughts and prayers go up to you!

  4. Man, him and Bagg must live under the same lucky start, well thank God the Young Man got his Grey cup, hopefully he will be back next year. But also be thankful someone used there head and brought back Kevin Glen, now all we need is a defence

  5. Hey man Sorry to Hear the bad News. And a Speedy Recovery. Keep your Head up and and Remember this Song! WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS MY FRIEND!! RIDER PRIDE LIVES ON THROUGH OUT THE WORLD!!!!!!

  6. what a game Peg vs Sask , so sorry to see you go down DD wish you the very best, you were always a great QB and a great crowd pleaser, God Bless

  7. Darian has always been a great competitor, a classy guy, and a great representative of the Riders. Why is it the great ones have injuries like this. It’s classy guys like him that keep the game great. We wish you all the best in your recovery. May God watch over you and your family during this time. Know we love you and thank you for all the great memories. Hope you can play again.

  8. Sorry to see you get hurt. We were looking forward to a good year from you. Our prayers are with you while you recover. Hope treatment goes great.

  9. My heart went out to you the moment I saw the incident during the game. Incredible empathy for your misfortune after battling back from your previous season-ending injury. Then, remembrance that, everything happens for a reason in this life. Looking ahead, you’re still young & will be back next season and for many seasons after that.

    Darian, you are not only “Rider Nation’s” elite QB but an elite individual for the values you bring to the community.

    We all wish you a speedy recovery & our prayers are with you & your family. God, speed!

  10. Mr.Durant, Darian, DD……Sooo sorry for your awful luck brother….I don’t feel the riders are the same without you…even though myself, and I’m sure most rider fans never gave up last year after your injury, I, we, always wished you’d be back leading the way….to say I, we, we’re excited and relieved to have u back, is an understatement….you are our starter, and we want and need u back…I know you’ll do your best to heal both body and mind, and be back as strong or stronger than ever…..this isn’t your last championship DD…get back to us brother…much support and luv from a die-hard, green blood, local boy that will live and die with the number one team in the cfl….Sask Riders forever!!

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