#CFLBeauty of the Week: Niagara Regional Minor Football


A yearly tradition finally exposed to the world…

Apparently this has been going on for years, but we have finally discovered it.  There is a gentleman associated with the The Niagara Regional Minor Football program who every season creates a full set of team jersey’s and helmets for his team based off an old Argos team of years past.  This season the team is modeling the 1988 Boatmen and wore the unis when they played in a pre-game football game on the Rogers Centre turf.



A quick visit to the Football Niagara website and you can see tons of images from the past few seasons.  Hats off to you Niagara Football. Well done.  here some images of other teams from previous seasons. Can you pick out which Argos teams throughout history are pictured below?

95 A04 A08 nia-falls-argoscw

#CFLBeauty of the week.  We salute you.

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