#CFLGameDay Tracks Powered By Nissan Titan: The BC Lions


What music are the BC Lions using to get PSYCHED for the #GCPlayoffs?

Athletes are a creature of habit and nothing is more crucial than their game day routine.  At the forefront of that routine? The playlist.

In a new feature, we are going to bring you a weekly feature on one of the playoff teams, looking at their #CFLGameDay Tracks, all powered by Nissan Titan, the title sponsor of this year’s Halftime Show featuring Fall Out Boy!

First up? The BC Lions who, by the look of their playlist love themselves from Hip Hop.  Except Ryan Phillips, he’s all about Phil Collins.

The Playlist:

  1. The Weekend – The Hills (Ronnie Yell)

2. Future – Mad Love (Ronnie Yell)

3. Drake – Star67 (Ronnie Yell)

4. Major Lazer – Lean On (Manny Arceneaux)

5. Macklemore – Can’t Hold US (Manny Arceneaux)

6. It’s All Right – Edna (Andrew Harris)

7. Check – Young Thug (Courtney Taylor)

8. Lit Like Bic – Rae Sremmurd (Courtney Taylor – probably not the best for safe lyrics lol)

9. Hot Like Me – Drake (Ryan Phillips)

10. Drake – Back to Back (Ryan Phillips)

11. Phil Collins – coming in the air tonight (Ryan Phillips)


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