#CFLPickEm Update: We Have A New Leader!


It took till week 4, but we finally have a new leader!

While he only fell to 2nd, and is only behind by 20, Michael B Mal has been humbled by J GreenHorn who now sits atop the #CFLPickEm leaderboard.  How did he do it you ask?  Like this…


Our favourite part of his picks? He goes 100% confidence in ALL the games but with the Als…. only going 90%.  Whats the deal Greenhorn?  Also, we love your avatar.  Now onto the week 4 review…


Week 1 started off with our biggest upset in a few weeks with the Montreal Alouettes defeating the 85% favoured Hamilton Tiger-Cats.  It appears QB Rakeem Cato is the real deal and maybe Pick Em users need to respect Herd Nation.  Montreal has been involved in some crazy games this season, making them one of the hardest teams to call through 4 weeks.   Ticats_Als


Users were bang on on game 2 of the week nailing the Edmonton sweep of their home-and-home.  Nothing to see here other than it’ll be interesting to see where the 2-2 REDBLACKS trend in week 5 against Calgary on Thursday night.



Another misstep by the Pickem community, or maybe it’s just Rider nation juking this trend but the Riders fell to 0-4 and with a showdown against Hamilton in week 5, will the Riders fall to 0-5?!



The week closed off with a close one in Calgary.  But for those 70% of fans they could breathe a sigh of relief as the champs found a way to get it done at home.



How are you doing in #CFLPickEm?  Are you above 500 yet?  Tweet us and let us know!

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