#CFLPickEm Week 6 Update: The Leader Remains The Leader



No change a top, but he remains within striking distance.

With a very sub-par week by his standards, leader JGreenHorn went only 1/4 this week but still remains in first overall…



So people, you’re within striking distance.  Even a new joiner can go 4/4 and get 800 points in one week and make up some serious ground so get all your straggler friends to sign up and start making those picks!



Onto the recap of week 6…

First off we saw an upset as the Bombers at 31% underdogs took down the BC Lions.  The Lions were finally starting to get some respect but we bet people will remember this one and not be so kind to them this week as they play Edmonton on Thursday night.  As for the Bombers, they’re 3-0 when Drew Willy finishes a game.



While a 17-0 lead for the Als had 70% of users scared, in the end the Stamps pulled out this victory and avenged a defeat earlier in the year at the hands of the Als.  The Stamps hit the bye this week, while the Als play Ottawa who they lost to in week 1.






The Riders fall to 0-6.  What else can we say.  The power of Rider Nation continued to give them 22% of the picks but going into Toronto this week we wonder if we’ll see that number decline.  As for Edmonton, they move to #1 in the power rankings and looks like their defence is not to be messed with.




Finally, the closest game of the week to pick saw Hamilton swiftly deal with the Argos at home.  The Ticats move to 7-0 in the regular season at Tim Hortons Field and looks like when they’re at home, users should slant those selections towards the Ticats.  As for the Argos, they face the Riders in their home opener this weekend, at 0-6 we think the pick trend will learn in favour of the Argos.





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