Video: Chad Owens stars in hilarious commercials in Hawaii


Wondering what one of the CFL’s elite receivers does in the off-season (aside from train of course)? If you guessed star in commercials, you are right. In Canada, Chad Owens is about as big a star as a football player is but back in his home state of Hawaii, he is larger than life.  Here, he is called the ‘Flyin’ Hawaiian’, there he is refereed to simply as ‘Mighty Mouse’ after a stunning career at the University of Hawaii where he remains the program’s all-time leader in yardage.

Therefore, it is no surprise that the Toronto Argonauts receiver has no issue finding endorsement deals when he returns home for the off-season and prepares for training camps.

And it’s not just gum commercials that Owens surfaces in.  Here he is in a storage commercial, CFL ball and all, back home.

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