Charleston Hughes and Ben D’Aguilar scout the Tiger(cats)


Charleston Hughes and Ben D’Aguilar went to the Calgary Zoo to scout the tigers for their upcoming game against Hamilton.

Scouting is an important part of preparing to face an opponent so this pair of Stampeders decided to go right to the source.

Here’s what they learned, although we’re not sure how accurate it is:

Tigers are into the vegan craze and have been since 2014.

Tigers sleep for about 23 hours a day, especially from Friday to Sunday.


They even answered some questions from those in attendance.

Tigers are terrified of horses.

Tigers have big paws so it’s easier to catch a football.

D’AguilarĀ even showed off a bit of his own inner tiger.


How will the real Tiger-Cats fare when they play the Stampeders? Find out on #CFLGameDay on Friday!

You can watch the whole video HERE.

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