Chris Jones At Rider Mini-Camp With… Hideo Nomo?


Well, this takes care of our winner for most random photo of the offseason…

As you know, the Roughriders are currently hosting their mini-camp in Florida at Historic Dodgertown.  Darian Durant is there along with CFL vets including Chevon Walker, Paris Cotton and Dan LeFevour looking to earn a roster invite to training camp.

However, what we didn’t expect was to see Dodger great Hideo Nomo make an appearance!


If you don’t know who Nomo is… maybe this will help…



According to a post on the Historic Dodgertown Facebook Page:

Japan Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher Hideo Nomo returned to Historic Dodgertown – Vero Beach, Florida on Tuesday, April 12 and met Head Coach Chris Jones of the CFL’s Saskatchewan Roughriders, who are holding their mini-camp on site.

Nomo is a founding partner of Historic Dodgertown and visits from Japan on occasion to welcome teams and see the enhancements to the 80-acre campus.

Twenty-one years ago, Nomo made his debut with a 13-6 record and became the 1995 National League Rookie of the Year. He was the first player born in Japan to play Major League Baseball in 30 years and he opened the door for more than 50 players from Japan to follow since that time.

Basically, you never know who might show up to a CFL mini-camp…

Here is some more great social content from Riders Mini-Camp




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