The CFL Community Mourns The Loss of Dal Richards, CFL Music Legend


The CFL has lost a musical legend…

On December 31st, 2015 the CFL community lost a legend. Dal Richards, at the age of 97 has passed away.

Who is Dal Richards you might ask?

Well, in the CFL music community he is nothing short of a legend.

In 1968, he recorded an album called “CFL Songs” (pictured below) where he recorded several CFL Fight Songs including “Roar You Lions Roar” & “Go Argos Go” both of which are still played today at CFL stadiums. Dal was also the BC Lions band leader in the 1950s and was a fixture on the big band scene.


You can hear all the songs HERE on the Argo Notes website where they have been uploaded to listen to, they are an awesome time capsule of CFL history.

You can learn and read more about DAL here in an article from CBC News British Columbia.

The BC Lions issued the following words on Dal:

“We lost a treasured member of our family and we are extremely saddened by Dal’s passing,” said team president and CEO Dennis Skulsky. “He was an integral part of our community and the long history of our football club. He will be missed greatly by all of us.”

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