Does looking good make you play good?



Earlier this year, the CFL and Reebok released new Signature Look Uniforms for every club.  Every club has donned the new duds at least twice.  Some simple number crunching shows that teams trend more on the winning side when throwing a wrinkle in the jersey rotation.
Calgary will be rocking their black thirds (seen above) this Sunday when they host the Edmonton Eskimos in the Western Final.

With a ticket to the Grey Cup on the line, the last thing the Stamps want to do is mess with what works.  Superstition is one of the most intriguing yet bizarre attributes of sport but the Stamps may be on to something.

Since the launch of the Signature Uniforms last August, teams that where them have won 57% of the games played.  That’s right, a third-jersey record of 8-6….

FYI: We eliminated all instances where two team wearing their respective Signature Uniforms played each other.


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