Eskimos & The #GreyCup Visit Oilers Game



The Eskimos are making their rounds with the cup and one of their first stops was the Edmonton Oilers game, where they received a RAUCOUS ovation.

It all started with a trip to the Oiler locker room…



Then off to the ice…




The Oilers then mashed it all up into a video!

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2 thoughts on “Eskimos & The #GreyCup Visit Oilers Game

  1. I saw the Esks a few times from the confines of Lansdowne Park as they rebuilt into their five year powerhouse . Wilkie a favorite everywhere , mosied around like a Wyoming cowpoke ! There were Warren Moon and Esks with Wilkie keeping his role in play as well . More Lansdowne Park Capital Punishment , even Jackie Parker as head coach made his appearence . Too continue to dominate and take on the drygulchers will take some moxy and trail riding experience a Eskimo guide would help too !

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