Former CIS QB Living In China Accepts Blindfold Challenge!



A few weeks ago we issued a blindfolded pass challenge, today, a former CIS QB who now lives in China responded!

In May Bo-Levi Mitchell issued a blindfolded pass challenge to all CFL fans in this video…

Andy Vasily has answered Bo’s challenge! A former QB that played 5-years at Windsor in the 90s and is still friends with Dan Comiskey, his OT from University who played in the CFL for many years. Check out his video below!

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One thought on “Former CIS QB Living In China Accepts Blindfold Challenge!

  1. Taking on Bo’s challenge was a blast. Having lived abroad for nearly 20 years, nothing is more special to me than my roots back in Canada and the CFL remains very near and dear to my heart. My boys, Eli (11) and Tai (9) have never lived in Canada but know all the CFL teams and we watch every game when we return for summers. Having playing QB/P for 5 years in the CIS, football is in my blood. I love the CFL game. What a league and what a tradition. Thanks for posting my challenge.

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