Grey Cup Boldly Goes Where No Trophy Has Gone Before



We all know the Grey Cup makes its rounds with the winning team, but this, nobody ever expected the Grey Cup to boldly go where no Grey Cup has gone before… Vulcan, Alberta!

Yes, you read that right.  Vulcan, Alberta.  Located in Southern Alberta, Vulcan calls itself the Star Trek capital of Canada.  So naturally, Randy Chevrier, Keyon Raymond, Deron Mayo and the Calgary Stampeders needed the Grey Cup to take a ride on the USS Enterprise…



They even went shopping for some new ears. Not sure how they’ll fit under a helmet, but would certainly allow them to hear Coach Huff better!

Make it so…number one!’ @calstampeders @StarTrek @cfl @CFLPA #vulcan #stamps @mr_raymond25

A photo posted by Randy Chevrier (@randychevrier) on


Now, we’re not sure, but we think Randy might be a bit of a Trekkie. He got really into it!  

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