An inside look at Matt Sharpe’s CFL ‘Scratch’ series


If you’ve been following @CFL on Twitter lately, or any of our teams for that matter, then you’ve likely seen the unbelievable work of Matt Sharpe, also known as @DaringSharpe.

Matt has been working with @CFL since Labour Day, providing us with a series of graphics for Friday Night Football, but as a big CFL fan, his work doesn’t stop there.

Introduced in early October, Sharpe offered fans a unique series of posters that he titled the “Scratch” series.

“Undertaken as a personal project to refine and expand digital illustration techniques, the CFL ‘Scratch’ series encompassed 9 pieces, featuring a player from each franchise league-wide. The goal was to represent the intensity, focus, and determination of Canadian Football League athletes, using a variety of digital mixed-media techniques to deliver on the premise.”

Here’s a look at each poster:

burris denmark dressler lulay owens stamps ticats west


Matt has also provided readers of The Snap with an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the series.

See all of Matt’s work here!

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