Brodie OT Whistle

Introducing: BRODIE OT!

Brodie OT Whistle

Well hello there CFL squad! If you subscribe to the CFL YouTube page, love y’all if not DO IT NOW -then you’ve hopefully seen some of the vlogging I’ve been doing over the past few months! It all started with the Behind the Scenes of the CFL Player Shoot ->

And you guys seemed to like it! So the team here got to thinking, “what else would CFL fans like to see?” so we kept going- Souther Hospitality, Kickoff Road Trip Part 1 and Part 2, and Behind the Scenes with TSN. I am STOKED to announce that we will be launching a vlog series (note: video + blog= VLOG) called Brodie OT where I will be giving you a different perspective of the CFL each and every Friday on our YouTube channel! I want to give you guys a look into what it’s like to work for the CFL, get to know the stars of the league and the ridiculously cool stuff that goes on behind the scenes. I’m excited to help grow this community and get to know you guys along the way because…best fans in sports, am I right? Super excited to officially launch the series with a look at my week hanging out with the Whistle fam while filming of the Clash of the Creators (confused? Reach this!) Thank you for all of your support already (I read every comment) and I can not wait to get started! Love to stay in touch with you guys so tweet me @BrodieLawson and let me know what you’d like to see!

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