Introducing #CFLGameDay



It’s a new era on social media for the CFL, introducing #CFLGameDay


The CFL has decided to change it up for 2015 and beyond.  Gone are the days of the confusing #OTTvsTOR Home vs. Away game specific tags.  You no longer have to remember 80+ different combinations of hashtags to join in the CFL conversation on social, all you have to remember is #CFLGameDay.

The CFL is a league that presents many unique situations, but none is more special than the fact that NONE of our games are played at the same time (unless one goes into overtime).  So why divide the conversation when we don’t have to?

For now on all CFL related chatter and conversation on social will be tagged under #CFLGameDay.  Easy to remember, easy to spell and now even easier to find all the CFL conversation YOU want on social media!

So, starting with our first preseason game on June 8th, follow us up @CFL and all the league clubs will begin using #CFLGameDay.  Teams will still have their own hashtags for their fans (#RNation, #OurTeam et.) but the bigger CFL-wide conversation will all happen under #CFLGameday.

We hope that you will join in on #CFLGameDay with us and start tweeting, facebooking, instagramming and myspacing (<– that’s a joke) with us.

Here`s to an AWESOME season on social media in the CFL!

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