Is The Kack Attack Back?



We all know the story of Chad Kackert.  From 2012 Grey Cup MVP to retired in 2014 after a devastating ankle injury, to Argos Strength and Conditioning Coach and back to the field as a Practice Roster player at the end of 2014.  After the first comeback stopped short, it appears that The “Kack Attack” might be closer to his old self than ever before…

In a post on Instagram this past week, Kackert has lopped together three clips.

1. His explosiveness prior to his injury.

2. Footage of his brutal injury. (Disclaimer: Footage is somewhat graphic)

3. His explosiveness now, after off-season rehab.

Check it out for yourself…



What do you think?  Will the Kack Attack be back on a CFL field in 2015?

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