It’s #NationalDogDay so of course…. It’s Time for Some #CFLDogs!


They say that a dog is a man’s best friend, so on National Dog Day, we want to take a moment to appreciate some special furry companions of the CFL! These pups are there for support through thick-and-thin, win-or-lose. Who do you think knows the best tricks?

By Joscelyn Longo

Shea Emry of the Roughriders shows off his crew of RUFFriders.


Three’s company for Jason Foster of the BC Lions, seen relaxing with three of his favorite furry friends!

Dead tired from workout and can’t move. At least I have my buddies to relax with A photo posted by Jason Foster (@jasonfoster74) on

We can’t help but wonder if Frisco runs for treats, the way his fur-dad runs plays on the field! This handsome man belongs to Bo Levi Mitchell of the Stampeders.

Rocco reps for his main-man Aaron Grymes, showing off that Eskimo pride!

  My boy Rocco reppin the team! Lol #EdmontonEskimos #CFL #PitBull   A photo posted by Aaron Grymes (@antarctic_ag206) on


Lirim may have been a little early with his #NationalDogDay post, but we love that he was so well-prepared! We’re sure Tucker watches every Blue Bombers game to catch his BFF/BBF!

To my Winnipeg pupp Tucker, Happy #nationaldogday! Sincerely, Your BBF (Best Ball-throwing Friend) 🐾 A photo posted by Lirim Hajrullahu (@lirim_70) on

Neil King plays for the TiCats, but naps with the dogs!

rocks recharging #rockcharging

A photo posted by Neil King (@n_king43) on

Someone has the guard the goods while Jacob is on the field with the Als! Check out Grizz Ruby (and Mrs. Ruby!)

We’re sure he thinks you’re a good human, and that he’s proud of you too, Chad! If you’re an Argos fan, you’re probably aware that Chad and Trek are even closer than Ricky and Andre (if you can believe that…)

He’s a good kid. I’m proud of him.

A photo posted by Chad Kackert (@chadkackert) on

If you loved this post, check out some of our other furry favorites from National Puppy Day, and don’t forget to show us your #NationalDogDay pictures by tweeting @CFL, or tagging @CFL_official on Instagram!

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