Johany Jutras’ #CFLRoadTrip Comes To A Close At Home!


Finally back home, Johany Jutras’ #CFLRaodTrip came to a close with a final stop back where it all started in Montreal!

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And remember…sometimes, there’s no place like home…


 Of course, the best part of any stop are Johany’s photos.  Here is a sample of some of the great images from Montreal!

LCF_9994 LCF_9603 LCF_9400 CFL_9651 1JJ_9018

Stop #8: BC (and Toronto… and Winnipeg AGAIN!) CFL_8544

Sometimes, one side of the country just isn’t enough when you’re Johany Jutras. When we last left off Johany was in Calgary off to her final West Division stop in BC.  However, she’s become so popular that she’s gone from car to plane to travel to other cities as well. In addition, she missed Toronto on her way across the country so a quick flight to Toronto before back to Winnipeg for the Banjo Bowl and then BACK to BC for the game! Don’t forget you can pre-order her book now .  If you’ve been following her journey, you know the images in this thing are going to be amazing and and incredible keepsake.  

Of course, the best part of every stop are the incredible fans that Johany meets and allt he amazing images she gets.  Here is just a small sample of some of the best from her stops in Toronto, Winnipeg (again) and BC!  Did she get a pic of you?

LCF_2812 LCF_1762 1JJ_7546 1JJ_7457 CFL_7612

CFL_8116 LCF_5528 LCF_5486 CFL_8231

before the game at BC Place in Vancouver, BC. Sunday, September 13, 2015. (PHOTO: JOHANY JUTRAS)

during the game at BC Place in Vancouver, BC. Sunday, September 13, 2015. (PHOTO: JOHANY JUTRAS)

before the game at BC Place in Vancouver, BC. Sunday, September 13, 2015. (PHOTO: JOHANY JUTRAS)


Next stop? HOME to Montreal!

Stop #7: Calgary  Past the midway point of her journey, Johany arrived in Calgary just in time for the #BattleofAlberta A great week to be in Calgary, Johany got some great access from the Stamps crew and the photos and stop in home of the Stampeders show it. CNv2F6tUkAAoMFR

Don’t forget you can pre-order her book now .  If you’ve been following her journey, you know the images in this thing are going to be amazing and and incredible keepsake.

 However she’s getting popular in the CFL and the Riders flew her to SSK just to shoot the Labour Day game….

Then is was back to Calgary!

We also know that the fan images are the lifeblood of this story and the journey.  Here is a collection of some of the best fan images from Calgary.  Spot any friends? 1JJ_6539 1JJ_6521 1JJ_6531 1JJ_6652 CFL_7222 LCF_0163 LCF_0493 LCF_8818 LCF_8958 LCF_8961 LCF_8995 Next stop?  BC… well… BC by way of Toronto, then Winnipeg and THEN BC…. this #CFLRoadTrip has taken to the air. Stop #6: Edmonton Edmonton showing they bleed green and gold… Johany and her #CFLRoadTrip passed through Edmonton on her next stop and the fans there showed her exactly what being an Esks fan is ALL about!

Here are some of the best images from her stop in Edmonton! 1JJ_38681JJ_3972 1JJ_4020 LCF_3104 LCF_3817 LCF_3943 LCF_3947 Next up? Calgary for #LDWeekend!   Stop #5: Regina Hellloooooo Regina! The next stop for Johany was the vast plains of Saskatchewan and a visit with the Roughriders and their amazing fan base!

    It was a shorter drive than last time but was met with some great hospitality and some great media coverage

She had an awesome stay and even found us this week’s Beauty of the Week! Here are some more awesome images from her time in Regina.   LCF_1331 CFL_3902 CFL_3872 CFL_3789 CFL_3421 CFL_3384 1JJ_3458  Next Stop: Edmonton!   Stop #4: Winnipeg LS4_7999 We’ve hit the West Division!  Johany has made it to Winnipeg! One of the longer segments of her journey, Johany departed Ontario for Winnipeg presenting her with an almost 18 hour drive!

  Once in Winnipeg, she not only attended practice…

  But also shot the game! Here are some of her awesome photos from her stay there!

LS4_6995 LS4_7507 LS4_7973 LS4_8059 1JJ_2666 LS4_7153 LS4_7181 LS4_7577 She even had time to get her own photo taken! Image Via: Douglas Portz Johany_WPG Next stop… Riderville!   Stop #3… Toronto… But also Ottawa again. After Hamilton, Toronto was on thedocket for Johany Jutras.  While she was unable to shoot the game, she hit up an Argos practice and got some amazing shots! Don’t forget she’s taking all her awesome photos an turning it into a book!  You can pre-order the book NOW on her site! LS4_2657 LS4_2664 LS4_2671 LS4_2729 LS4_2742 She wasn’t done yet in Ontario as Johany hopped on a train to attend the Ottawa vs. Montreal game since she just loved that city so much!

Here are some great images from that game…  DSC_0526 LS4_3336 LS4_3518 LS4_4375   Next stop… Winnipeg!

  Post #3: The Hammer did NOT disappoint on Johany’s #CFLRoadTrip 7 Stop #2 after Ottawa was the Hammer to visit the Tiger-Cats.  Fans are rabid and awesome in Hamilton and the images are simply incredible.  Especially when Johany took her story to new heights…

  These images are awesome and are available to purchase in postcard form on her website! postcard-610x610

  Shots from the Hammer were incredible and she really captured the voice and feel of Ticat fans. Here is a sample of some of the images that could appear in the upcoming book! 1   8 7 LS4_9991 LS4_0166 5 4 3 2 Next stop: Toronto! FOLLOW JOHANY’S FULL JOURNEY: MORE BLOG ENTRIES BELOW Post #2 – #RNation, you’re awesome. Finishing off her first stop of her CFL Roadtrip, Johany Jutras has waved goodbye to Ottawa and #Rnation.  To say the least, she met some AMAZING people and had a great time.

She’s off to Hamilton next and is looking to meet some great Ticats fans!  Tweet her and she’ll stop by your pre-game party to say hi and you could be feautred in her book! Here are some more great images from her time in Ottawa! DSC_0361 DSC_0325 LS4_9542 CJO_2472 LS4_6708 LS4_6699 FOLLOW JOHANY’S FULL JOURNEY: MORE BLOG ENTRIES BELOW Post #1 – CFL road Trip Underway, First Stop Ottawa! burris Johany Jutras has embarked on a cross-Canada CFL Road Trip and she’s starting in our nation’s capital! Starting last week in Montreal, Johany Jutras has begun her cross-Canada roadtrip. We’ve profiled the trip already that will be 70 days, 9 cities and 9,000 kms visiting every CFL city and stadium! aogazquvbcnh4lgkheql While Johany is FROM Montreal and will return there to conclude her road trip in the fall, her OFFICIAL first stop was in Ottawa this week.  Her goal is to meet fans, players and anyone that loves the game.  She wants to get a full feel of what it’s like to be a CFL fan in YOUR city.  So tweet her @johanyjutras and invite her to your tailgate or pre-game party!  She’s going to take all of her images and turn them into a commemorative CFL book! Here are some of her best images from her stops in Montreal and Ottawa so far!

CJO_2286 DSC_3650 LS4_4513 LS4_4742 LS4_4950 LS4_5956 LS4_6313 posts posts2 stands Wood



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2 thoughts on “Johany Jutras’ #CFLRoadTrip Comes To A Close At Home!

  1. Awesome job. I love everything about the CFL . Just got a drone too. might have to see about getting permission to do a video of investors group field….

  2. wow i really enjoy everything you did this year and taking amazing pictures and making the cfl book come to life and see amazing fans coast to coast i love it. when i went to the grey cup i saw your amazing picture of canada cf 18 fly by at winnipeg investor group i love it some much i buy it and take it on the plane back to calgary with me. i live in winnipeg all my life and it was a great home coming for me. to see family and friends i have went to 23 grey cups and you go to one grey cup and you are hook for life now you know what its all about the secret of the cfl grey cup is we the fans wear our colours and we are one big happy family who party together as one cfl team . i big big thank you to you i was on the news tsn and cbc news in down town winnipeg and i show the amazing picture and hold it up for every body to see i am one big lucky fan to buy your one of a kind art and the book wow best time ever ps i love a women who loves sports your my number one cheerleaders i flew in a f18 when i was 10 years old and i love seeing the f18 at every labour day classic you made this 103 grey cup truly one of the best. i think back to the 100 grey cup in 2012 the cfl train was a amazing sight to see i hope you did get the chance to see and go on that train wow every thing was on display and everything about the cfl was on that train.

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