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Jugglin Josh Can Juggle HOW Many Footballs!?! | Brodie OT

Brodie OT

When you give @JugglinJosh a challenge…he won’t back down
What’s up CFL squad!? You might remember a while back I had the chance to participate in the Clash of the Creators and did a little vlogging for Brodie OT. While I was hanging at the Whistle Sports office I got to meet Josh Horton (aka Jugglin Josh) WHO IS A WIZARD!!! The man is seriously incredible watching him juggle is confusing and mind blowing all at once. He’s a great dude and I so enjoyed getting to know him during the COC week! For Brodie OT this week I challenge Josh to see how many CFL footballs he can juggle…because of course. Watch to see how many he can handle! And while you’re at it, why don’t you check out my Brodie OT from last week where I go to McGill to watch some wicked CIS football!

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