How to keep warm for the Battle of Alberta


By Brodie Lawson

It’s the battle of Alberta, Western Final Style. With the temperature expected to stay below freezing for the game, I’m here with some pro tips I stole from my friends in Regina from last year’s Grey Cup — so that you can stay warm and enjoy the game!

Last year I had the privilege of covering the 101st Grey Cup Championship in Regina, Saskatchewan for CFL.ca. It was an incredible week filled with lots of learning, lots of football, and lots of long underwear. It was absolutely FREEZING in Regina — quite honestly.

Now knowing that Calgary will be hosting the Western Final on Nov. 23 got me thinking about the possibility of that kind of frigid weather — something close to what fans in Edmonton dealt with last weekend.

Chris Getzlaf, Weston DresslerWeston Dressler and Chris Getzlaf during Grey Cup week in 2013.

The good news is the weather looks okay. Currently it’s supposed to feel like -3 with a low of -8 — but you’re still gonna need to keep cozy! Now I know you Albertans know how to keep warm, and I welcome all suggestions in the comments section. However, here are a few pro-tips I stole from my friends in Regina from last year’s Grey Cup:

What to Wear: Throw any hope of looking stylish to that cold west wind — it’s just not going to happen. Hopefully you’ve prepared and have bought a jersey that fits over your parka, or you’ve purchased hats/mitts from your team shop. Just know that it isn’t going to be pretty, but it is going to be warm.

LAYER UP! Yes, you’ll look huge and yes, you won’t be able to move — but you will be so warm and cozy it will feel like July. Here’s the pro-tip from all my media friends in Regina who need to work a camera; you wear a thin glove underneath big warm mitts. Now, in your case, when you’re fumbling with food or drinks or need to zip up your jacket, you can do so without exposing your bare skin. Clever eh?

Calgary Stampeders - Saskatchewan Rough RidersDid somebody say bare skin?

What To Do: The best way to stay warm is to get into the game — like seriously into it. Each first down you’re jumping up and down, you’re pointing; every touchdown (your team of course) you are doing your best TD dance and you’re going absolutely nuts! Your offence is on — you are doing your quiet the crowd motion with resolve.

No brainer here, but get some coffee or hot chocolate. That will also do the trick.

However you choose to keep warm, make sure you do! Smuggle in that lap-dog, bring the hot water bottles, wear the mascot suit and enjoy the Battle of Alberta CFL showdown.

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