What I Learned From Training With CFL Players

Lesson learned!It’s good to be back!!! I have so missed sharing these videos with you guys over the last few months and was super fired up about filming this mini series for Brodie OT. February was CP Has Heart Month and each week I worked out with a  player to a) give you a window in what their training looks like and b) hopefully encourage you to try some different workouts of your own! I (selfishly) thought these would be really fun to film and we had received so many requests for player workout videos that it seemed like a great fit. What I didn’t expect was the insane amount of feedback from fans and players – overwhelmingly positive. Players were (and are) reaching out wanting to be profiled next and fans were sharing these videos and commenting and just generally being beauties. My point in telling you this is that we plan on doing more because of your feedback, so thank you.

Let’s be totally honest, I was pretty nervous about doing these videos. First, I was anxious about working out with the players because I wasn’t sure if I could keep up. My goal was to modify the exercises as little as possible but that meant risking…failing , and I’m not about that. The other reason was because I didn’t want to bother the guys, to slow them down or distract them too much. I knew they weren’t expecting to accomplish a perfect workout with me there, but I also wanted to respect their time. However, the football brotherhood was not going to let any of those fears or nerves come to pass.image1   Muamba Thumb

There was no failing, or embarrassment or not being taken seriously; I was cheered on, spotted, encouraged and challenged just like the other guys in the room. Henoc and Kelvin Muamba coached me on the box jump, told me I could jump higher and spotted me each time. They patiently taught me how to run ladder sequences that at first glance looked far too tricky and they seemed genuinely pretty stoked when I figured it out. Ricky Foley cheered me on while I lifted weight I hadn’t touched since college and encouraged me to keep pace on the treadmill (speed 10 incline…too high) even though I was mostly convinced I was going to fly off the back… this would have made a great video. Chad Owens and eight other CFL players welcomed me with into their group and cheered me on while I pushed and pulled a sled I didn’t think I could move.  They didn’t let me back down from the finisher, an exercise where we had to shove a weighted sled and jump forward at the same time…I was pretty sure I was finished – they assured me I was not. All of these guys are stars in our league and they could have showed off, left me in the dust and not cared whether I really pushed myself or not.  I learned that’s just not football and that’s certainly not CFL football.

If you want to see more of these videos comment in the post and let me know who you’d like me to workout with next!

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