Manny Arceneaux Takes Up CrossFit


Just Manny being Manny…

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In the offseason all CFL players hit the gym.

Sometimes they might add something new to their work out routine to spice up their offseason, but BC Lions WR Manny Arceneux has gone next level.

He’s competing in CrossFit in what he calls a humbling experience.

“Plain and simple, these folks are beasts,” admits Manny. “I mean I consider myself someone who puts in a lot of time at the gym, but the versatility and athleticism of these competitors is off the charts.”



Simply put, the man is a beast.

Arceneaux entered the Icebreaker Challenge in North Vancouver in mid-January and got off to a great start by placing first in the clean/jerk and second in the snatch portion of the weightlifting competition.

His confidence likely backslid a bit when he placed 21st, 22nd 25thin CrossFit-specific events such as Tri-Cycle, Deadly and Rahoi but rebounded to place third in Balls.

Tri-Cycle – timed exercise consisting of two chest-to-bar pull-ups, four toes-to-bar pull-ups, six pull-ups and 12 kettlebell snatches.

Deadly – three rounds of 10 deadlifts and 50 double-unders (skipping rope)

Rahoi – 12 box jumps, six thrusters and six overhead burpees – done as many times in a 12 minute span.

Balls – timed event consisting of 21, 15 and 9 reps each of weighted sit-ups, push-ups and throwing a 30-lb weighted ball at a target nine feet off the ground.

Arceneaux ended up placing 11th among 30 competitors entered in the same category.

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