Brodie and MP Thumb

Maripier Morin x Alouettes Football! | Brodie OT

Brodie and MP Thumb

Maripier Morin and I chill at the Als game!
A couple of weeks ago we invited Maripier Morin to come to Percival Molson Stadium to take in her very first Alouettes game! You might recognize the Canadian celeb from Hockey Wives OR her now infamous Justin Trudeau photo bombed selfie OR her TV show called Maripier on ZTele. MP joined me for a Facebook live before we were given the VIP treatment by the Alouettes and enjoyed the game on a perfect fall night from a box. MP brought her bud Cindy along and we all had such a great time! Since our FB Live (which I know many of you watched- thank you!) SO many people have asked me questions about MP so let me answer a few and you can learn more about her and our time at the game by watching the video below:

  1. She is a doll – seriously one of the sweetest, funniest and kindest people I’ve met. She has time for everyone and is really really really funny
  2. If it’s possible she is even MORE beautiful in real life
  3. Prepare for a cliche…she is VERY down to earth (and has incredible style)
  4. Yes, I want to be her BFF

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