Matthew Sharpe Dominated The CFL Offseason Edits Game




The CFL Graphical Edit game is strong online.  There are tons of you out there that do amazing work and whether you Tweet, tag, or message us your work, it’s all awesome.  But nobody kills the edits game more than Matthew Sharpe…

Working under two different pseudonyms on both Twitter and Instagram, @CFLPrime & @DaringSharpe has done some AWESOME CFL work this offseason.  Edits of players, coaches, draft picks and even fans have highlighted what has been a great offseason for the CFL.

One of the highlights was Matt’s “Focus” series which he released in April.  He posted a full Series Description on his Behance page HERE including showing the originals vs. the final product.  Here are a sample of some of his images from the series that have been made into a full poster series.  More on how to get your hands on one later…



Also: for designers — posted a breakdown of the series over on Behance @ #CFL

A photo posted by Matthew Sharpe (@daringsharpe) on


Next up Matt did a bunch of fan submission requests on his @CFLPrime account on Twitter/Instagram. Here are some of the best submissions you requested and the final products!



Then the newest CFL Draft picks got to see themselves in their team colours before they even had time to get a jersey!



Even fans got their own image series from @CFLPrime!


  What’s next for Mr.Sharpe you might ask? Well if you like his work he’s giving some of it away on his Twitter right now!  

Just shoot him a follow @DaringSharpe and his account for your chance to win! With the offseason coming to a close, and #CFLTC now in full swing, what will Matthew Sharpe bring to the CFL season? Only time will tell!

For more information on Matthew Sharpe, you can view his website here.

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